Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Meaning of Espresso...

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Today I'll brief you a little on the 'espresso'...

The espresso beverage is 25-30 millilitres of strong, black coffee that can also be prepared long (lungo), short (ristretto) or double (doppio). Espresso is the base for all the other coffee beverages you are likely to find on an espresso coffee menu - including a cappuccino, latte, macchiato, mocha, affogato and iced coffee!

A largely unknown fact, is that there is a specific cup that is best for an espresso! This is called a 'Tazzina' meaning 'little cup' in Italian. A Tazzina is designed with certain characteristics; it has sloping sides - for the espresso to gently slide down as it pours from the espresso machine. This ensures the very fine bubbles of crema do not break up as they would if splashed onto the base!

Black or white?
In Italy, more than 90% of the coffee beverages served are straight espresso.
In Australia, nearly all espresso beverages are served with the addition of milk.
In southern European countries, espresso beverages with milk are usually only ordered throughout the morning. At other times of the day, particularly after midday or evening meal, espresso beverages without milk are the general preference.
In countries such as Austria and Germany, where cream is a popular ingredient generally, either pouring or whipped cream is the preferred addition to any espresso beverage!

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